4 Meanest Zodiac Signs ever you should Know 


It is said that Aries is one of the meanest zodiac signs because it is aggressive and outspoken. Aries people are fiery, which makes them fiercely chase their goals and dreams. 

They are also often blunt in the way they talk, which can be seen as harsh, because they are so straight. Aries don't put up with people who disagree with or question them, and they often get into fights to show who's in charge. Aries is naturally a leader, but they can be self-centered and unwilling to compromise. 


Scorpio is known as the meanest sign of the zodiac because of how strong and fierce they are. Their deep-set eyes seem to see right through to the core of a person, uncovering every secret.

 Their unwavering desire helps them get what they want very quickly and easily. Scorpios are very smart and clever, and they use this to their advantage to trick their opponents. They naturally want to be in charge and have power, which makes them often bad leaders. 


Capricorn, one of the meanest zodiac signs, is harsh. They pursue their aims without sympathy or compassion due to their ambition. Capricorns also use their power and influence to succeed regardless of the repercussions. 


Aquarius, one of the meanest zodiac signs, is disconnected and aloof. This sign is independent and defiant. Aquarius appear self-centered because they put themselves first. 

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