5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Excellent at Hiding Their Emotions   

The aggressive scorpion Scorpio completes our top five confident zodiac signs. Scorpios are confident in their abilities to overcome any difficulty since Pluto rules them. The mystery and determination of their personality make them confident in all facets of life. 

Virgo is happy to solve any problem rather than express their feelings. They'd rather figure out their feelings on their own than tell someone and have them misunderstand. 


Taurus will open up if they trust the other person, but it's hard to acquire their trust. They'd rather keep their emotions to themselves until they're sure no one will use them. 


Since Capricorn works, they rarely talk about their feelings. They'll be the first to say they're not machines and have a heart, but discussing feelings isn't right now. 


Libras are sometimes labeled impassive, but they feel everything. Libras don't want to cause trouble or hurt others if possible. Libras tend to hoard their emotions and then explode, sometimes inappropriately. 


They don't want to erupt or cry in front of witnesses. Scorpios retain their calm in public but let their emotions out at home. 


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