6 Best Cool Down Exercises to Recover and Stretch After a Workout

Ear to shoulder stretch

Let your right ear hang over your right shoulder while you stand or sit. This will stretch the left side of your neck. Hold for two to four breaths, then let go and switch sides.

Chin to chest stretch

Slowly move your head forward and down until your chin touches your chest. Place your hands behind your head. You should feel a stretch behind your upper back and in your neck. Hold for two to four breaths, and then let go. 

Armpit stretch

Stretch your arms out to the sides and put your hands behind your head. This time, let your head rest on your hands. Lean your back slightly forward and tilt your chin up as you look up at the sky. Hold for two to four breaths, and then let go.

Standing side reach

Stand with feet together and raise your right arm. Keep your left arm at your side or hip. Bend your waist left to extend your right side. Repeat on the other side from the start. 

Shoulder stretch

Cross your right arm across your body and hold it with your left hand standing or seated. Pull your right upper arm with your left hand to cross your body. As your right shoulder and upper bicep stretch, keep your right arm straight. Then swap sides.

Tricep stretch

Raise arms. Bend your right elbow and lay your left hand on it. You should point your elbow at the ceiling and hang your right forearm behind your head. Switch sides after your right tricep stretches.

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