6 Best  Lower  Back Stretches

Knee-to-chest stretch 

Stretching your lower back with the knee-to-chest stretch relieves tension and soreness.Lay on your back with knees bent and feet flat.Grab your right lower leg with both hands and interlace your fingers or clasp your wrists under the knee.

Trunk rotation 

The trunk movement can help your lower back feel better. Plus, it works your core muscles, which are made up of your abs, back muscles, and muscles around your hips.


Cat-Cow increases lower back and core flexibility and reduces strain.Get on your hands and knees, hip-width apart. Your starting point.Drop your head and arch your back by drawing your belly button up toward your spine. This is the cat stretch.

Seated hamstring stretch 

People with lower back pain and accidents often have hamstrings that are too tight. This move stretches your hamstrings, which can help loosen up tight muscles and relax your back.

Pelvic tilt 

Simple but effective, the pelvic tilt releases stiff back muscles and maintains flexibility.Lay back with bowed knees and flat feet. You can hold your arms by your sides or toward your head like a situp. Natural spine curvature lifts lower back slightly off floor.

Flexion rotation 

Flexion rotation stretches buttocks and lower back.Lay on your right with straight legs.Hook your left foot behind your right knee.Hold your left knee with your right.

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