6 Best Stretches to Do Before and After Your Walking Routine

Big toe on  the go

Good walking form requires a flexible big toe. “The big toe is the last thing that leaves the ground when you step forward, and a reflexive action from the toe to the glute helps propel you forward,” adds Miller.

Calf stretch

Bowman explains, “The mobility and strength of your calf muscles are what sets the stage for how other parts, like your knees and hips, can move. Strong calves improve balance, strides, and ankles.

Quad quench

Miller says that to get a full range of motion, you should make sure that your quads are flexible. This is because they help bend your hips and straighten your knees.

Booty reboot

Your hips help you walk by giving you the force you need to move forward. Since your glutes are linked to your hip joint, working on them can help your hips turn and make you more mobile in general.

Pelvic list

For better walking, this move addresses both hip joints that hold your pelvis to your vertebrae.Stand tall with your right foot on a yoga block, thick book, or small box, balanced on a chair or wall.

Lumbar lengthener

Miller advises keeping your lower back flexible to move better.On your side. Put a small exercise ball, thick cushion, or rolled blanket beneath your waist.Breathe deeply into the ball for 10 deep breaths. Slowly slide the ball forward toward your navel and backward toward your spine.

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