6 Yoga Shoulder Stretches to Un-Hunch Your Back and Relieve Neck Pain 

After hunching over your desk all day, this yoga pose is the best shoulder opener. McKenna likes this stretch because it widens internal pull.

Similar to other inversions, this yoga pose improves blood flow to the upper body, placing your heart over your head. McKenna says the best part of this pose is using the ground to deepen the stretch.

Binding, like this yoga pose, can help you relax. McKenna suggests eagle arms to reduce shoulder-ear tension.

Try this stretch and you'll wonder how you lived without it. Take two yoga blocks. You can use books instead.

In advanced yoga, you can backstroke your arms as you reach for your heels, but McKenna says most of us are tight in the shoulder joint and will struggle.

For this one, grab a towel or strap unless you're very bendy.

 Your right arm should be parallel to your spine and your fingers pointing down towards your shoulder.

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