6 Yoga Shoulder Stretches to Un-Hunch Your Back and Relieve Neck Pain

Reverse Prayer

After a long day of hunching over your desk, this yoga pose is the best way to open up your shoulders. McKenna loves this stretch because it helps you open up when you've been pulling in.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold with Twist

Like other inversions, this yoga pose puts your heart above your head to help blood flow to your top body. Mackenna says that the best thing about this pose is that you can use the ground to help you stretch deeper.

Eagle Arms 

This yoga position shows that binds are sometimes the best way to relax. McKenna suggests eagle arms to free your shoulders from your ears. It also increases joint flexibility and range of motion after a long day.

Supported Fish

We promise that you'll never go back to not doing this stretch after trying it. Get two yoga blocks to begin. You can use books instead if you don't have any.

Camel Pose

McKenna says that yoga pros can backstroke their arms as they reach for their feet. However, most of us will have trouble with this because our shoulders are tight.

Cow Face Arm

Unless you're very bendy, grab a towel or strap for this one.How to: Raise your right arm parallel to your spine and point your fingers down toward your shoulder. Wrap your left arm behind your back and stretch it to the right

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