7 Zodiac Signs That Flirt A Lot

Aries are the biggest flirts ever. They play dating like a game and really want to win. We believe they created most of the dating rules, therefore they know every trick.


Cancer wants to date slowly. They want to know someone well before committing. Shy, the star sign will treat you well if they choose you. They continuously compliment. They will be kind and attentive.


Scorpio flirting is strong, like everything else. They will try everything to make you “the one” for them. They will focus on you and treat you like the only person in the world.


Libra butterflies socialize. It may be difficult to tell if they are interested in you because they are kind to everyone. With enough effort, you can detect the minor variations between their ordinary friends and that special someone.


Leos are dramatic. Their motto is “go big or go home”. They flirt with the same energy. Leos flirt shamelessly. They're brash and flashy because they know it turns heads. Leos will reveal everything about themselves if they like you.


Geminis speak well. They are pleasant and can win crushes with extended discussions. The zodiac signs that flirt list includes Gemini for several reasons. Body language is another way they express their desires.


The sign is known for its humor. They use it even for flirting. A Sag who likes you would push you to cry with laughter. Fire signs also playfully tease their crush.


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