8 Best Stretches to Do Before and After Your Walking Routine 

"Dynamic stretching is where we use a move in a dynamic (moving) fashion to help the joint and muscle work through greater ranges of motion," he added. 

 He said active stretching is different from static stretching because you never hold the stretch.

Hip-hinge, lowering your upper body 45 degrees, and reach both arms back behind you with palms up. 

Spread your feet slightly wider than hip-width. To half-lunge, step right and bend the right knee.

The name'static' comes from the fact that we cling and don't move during static stretching.

Arms at sides, feet hip-width apart. Move your arms down to your toes by slowly hunching at the waist. 

Take two knees. Next, place one foot flat on the ground in front of you to create a 90-degree knee angle. 

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