8 Communication Skills That All Happily Married Couples Know

Effective communication requires mutual honesty. If you feel limited in your marriage due to inadequate communication, it's crucial to address your needs many wives who complain about their husbands not talking want them to listen.

Be honest about your desire

When you can't get your partner to talk, a therapist can help Lack of communication frequently indicates dread You must never use your spouse's comments against them. You swore to love, guard, and cherish.

Create safety

We can laugh about men and women's differences all day. We waste useful information if we don't learn from the differences and implement the lessons.

Embrace your difference

If you wait for your spouse to stop talking so you may say what you want, you won't notice or hear the nuances of information that will help you know and love your partner better.

Listen with intention

"Are you OK?" usually yields "Yep". "How did you feel listening to the Clarks talk about their retreat?" Asking open-ended inquiries helps you discover how much your spouse wants to share.

Ask open-ended question

Be careful not to discuss serious topics when sleepy. Partner communication works best when parties are attentive and choose their moment.

Timing is everything

"He should just know" or "She can figure it out" sets your relationship up for failure, especially when expectations are linked. It's unfair not to communicate what you want or need if you expect the other person to do so.

Never claim to be a mind reader

Model the behavior you want from your partner using the Golden Rule and the saying "you teach people how to treat you". Take the risk of being first to do right. Listen more. Clearly state safety. Use your spouse's love language. Expect only yourself and trust your spouse to respond to succeed in your relationship.

Be the spouse you desire

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