You’re a High-Level Thinker

Several unique thoughts combine to generate exceptional discoveries and epiphanies, like colors mixing to form new colors. Epiphanies from outstanding thinkers can change the world.

Neither talent nor right confers high-level thinking. Few people have the advantage of elevating their mindsets. Let's review four clues that you may be one of them.

Your subconscious controls most of your life. All of your life experiences and lessons generate a tangled ball of millions of thoughts and ideas in your subconscious. When you need life ideas, your subconscious sends suggestions to your conscious brain, which decides what to do with them.

Simple solutions cannot tackle the world's complex and large challenges. Their solution requires high-level thinkers.

They welcome new ideas. They attempt to be impartial. They carefully evaluate new ideas before assessing their potential. Average thinkers lack openness since their prejudices prevent them from seeking truth.

High-level thinkers are open but also skeptical. If they're not sceptical enough, they may squander time and money betting on every new concept, which prevents them from betting on the ones that will work.

A high-level thinker can handle intellectual humility since he is confident in himself. Being humble and seeking information before forming opinions is a sign of a high-level thinker.

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