Belly Fat Exercise with Resistance Band 


Sitting on the floor, put the booty band across your legs above the knee. Alternate knees and elbows with your hands behind your neck slowly extend the bottom leg straight while drawing the resistance band toward the elbow. Resistance hits immediately.  

River Dancer 

Raise one knee over the base leg with the booty band above the knee and hands on the hips. Tap the foot opposite the base foot to the floor. Lift the other foot off the floor, lifting the knee, and tap it on the other side of the base foot.  

The Skier 

Use tube-shaped bands with handles to secure the resistance band in the middle on a door hinge or other secure fixture with the handles hanging down. Place a towel between the band and sharp support edge to avoid cutting it.  

Baseball Swing 

Remove band slack by leaving the base. With your head forward and body twisted toward the base, exhale and draw the handles across and in front of you like a bat, but with straight arms over your chest and to the other side. Return to start with inhalation.  

Tummy Tuck 

Imagine listening to two seashells on either side of your head while holding the handles. Exhale, knees bent, crunch forward. Release, inhale, and return, straightening the legs to fight the resistance band pull-back. Repeat 10-15 times.  

Flutter  Kick 

Flutter your feet up and down and in and out for 30 seconds with your hands behind your head. Repeat three times or until you can't stand. Keep your chin down and exhale every kick. These babies burn!  

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