Belly fat reduce Exercise in 1 Week

Include aerobic exercises in your daily routine

There is no way around aerobic training if you want to burn fat quickly. According to research, this is the most efficient type of exercise for reducing abdominal fat. 

Reduce refined carbs

Avoid refined carbs to eliminate abdominal fat and improve metabolic health. Low-carb diets are optional; replace them with raw carbohydrates. Avoid white bread, rice, and drinks and eat more veggies and whole grains. 

Add fatty fish to your diet

Fatty fish like salmon, sardines, and tuna provide high-quality protein and omega-3s. Eat 2 to 3 servings a week to burn abdominal fat and minimize heart disease risk. 

Start the day with a high protein breakfast

Start your day with Greek yogurt, protein smoothies, scrambled egg whites, or oatmeal. After breakfast proteins, you won't feel hungry until noon. 

Drink enough  water

Hydration is essential for health, regardless of weight loss. Recommended daily water intake is 4–5 liters, which burns more calories. 

Reduce your salt intake

Eating salt makes your belly feel fat because it holds on to water. Before you buy something, always check the nutrition label to make sure it doesn't say that it has a lot of sodium. This is because processed foods are high in salt, sugar, and fats that are bad for you.

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