Best Belly fat reduce Exercise at Home 

Skipping doesn't just burn fat. It tightens the core, builds stamina, tones calves, and expands lungs. 

Enjoy the mountain climber workout, which combines cardio and muscle training! One of the best belly fat-reduction exercises, it also

Even professionals fear burpees, but they're so powerful everybody must do them. It's a full-body strength training workout and one of the best belly fat-loss exercises.

Want a chiselled body like professional swimmers? Flutter kicks is for you. Swimmers love it because it works the lower abdominals.

Who doesn't want 6-pack abs? This is the start. Crunches work your abs and midsection by strengthening the core.

Although simple, this exercise will burn your upper abs after a few reps. Add weights or a medicine ball for more difficulty.

This workout targets the deep transverse abdominis muscles that are easy to miss, toning your upper belly.

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