Dogs based  on  zodiac  signs


As an active fire sign, a German Shepherd complements your characteristics, Aries! German Shepherds have a bark worse than their bite, like your directness. Like a German Shepherd, you appear strong but hidden sweet.


You and Basset Hounds are sweet but stubborn! This cute dog breed's droopy eyes, wrinkled cheeks, and long ears match your loving personality. Although you and the Basset Hound are adorable, you are both headstrong but easygoing. 


Is that a Siberian Husky screaming or you, Gemini? In addition to being communicative, you and the Siberian Husky are smart and gregarious. You are affable and thrive in groups, like the Siberian Husky.


Cancer, if 101 Dalmatians was your favorite childhood movie, it may reflect your cosmic personality. These cute spotted dogs are famous in Disney and known for their energetic yet caring nature. 


You're paired with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, perhaps due to its name or kingly nature! Like you, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is gentle and docile while being high-maintenance.


Virgo, no dog breed matches your brains like a Poodle! Since they learn quickly, poodles are noted for their mental agility. You and the Poodle are both attentive and quick, and the Poodle can adjust to any change. 

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