How to  Get a Workout in While Traveling

Find an  online tutorial

Online searches make it easy to exercise while traveling. YouTube is a great way to get fitness channels and videos for any road training. There are several online workouts for travelers, from bodyweight only to HIIT to yoga.

Go for a  bike ride

A lot of cities and towns have places to rent bikes, so get one and go for a ride. Not only will it help you work out, but you can also use it to learn more about your new surroundings and get a cool new view of the place you're visiting.

Book a class

If you join a gym or studio in your hometown, you may have unrestricted access to classes at other studios in your city, state, or country. Check your membership level for coverage.

Check the hotel

Depending on your destination, the hotel or resort may offer free exercise lessons. Check with the concierge or front desk for an events calendar at check-in. There may be a free or cheap gym on site.

Take a hike

Another easy approach to exercise while traveling is to find local hiking trails. Explore hiking possibilities in a forest preserve, natural walking trail, or neighboring park during your visit.

Look up  local event

Another way to exercise while traveling is to visit the community center or park district website and social media channels. Depending on your area, locals and you may attend free outdoor lessons! Consider mat pilates, yoga, or Tai Chi.

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