4 Easy Wall Exercises To Crush Leg Day 

Up the wall has many simple leg exercises. These workouts require 30-second rests. To increase difficulty, add hand weights.

Legs, glutes, lower abs, and calves are worked with wall sits. Daily wall sit exercises for 20 minutes can strengthen and tone your thighs, lower legs, and hips. 

The butt muscles and hip abductor muscles work in this exercise. Standing sideways to the wall, support yourself with one hand. Keep your butt under your body and stand straight.

Take the leg behind you to extend your hips. Butts and hamstrings are worked by this movement. 

When done on one leg, the calf raise works the calves and the muscles at the top of the leg, which stabilise the body.

Linger on your back with arms at your sides. Touch the wall with your soles hip-width apart. Get your knees right and your thighs perpendicular to the floor.

Stretch one leg backward 3-4 feet from the wall. Then press your foot ball against the wall.

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