Top 6 Honest Zodiac Signs 

The fire sign hates liars. They expect others to be kind because they are honest about their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. They'll dislike you the instant they catch you lying. Yes, they will know. 


Virgo, a perfectionist, cannot live with dishonesty. This star sign is diplomatic, unlike Sagittarius. They rarely utter the first thing that comes to mind. They evaluate the situation, consider the pros and cons, and reveal the truth.


Aries are one of the most honest signs, but one wishes they weren't. The frigid, blunt star sign is popular. When telling the truth, they almost want to make it tougher. 


Leadership comes naturally to Leos. Fire signs demand admiration. Thus, they must maintain a clean image. Therefore, lying doesn't match their plan. The Leos are also confident. Their own abilities are the most trusted. They never feel the urge to lie.


Cancers tend to speak up if you know them. Being close to them will reveal what they think of you. The sun sign's prudence while speaking truth is their strongest trait. Their goal is to inform people without hurting them.


Taurus' honesty is distinct. Their honesty comes from fear of God. They speak the truth regardless of how it makes you feel because they fear the divine. Taurus can be trusted for honest advice and reviews.


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