7 Things A Toxic Relationship Will Teach You About Love 

Having experienced an unhealthy relationship, you may now realize that the warning signs were correct all along and that you might have saved yourself a lot of heartache by paying attention to them at the outset. 


Many of us are stuck in cycles of unhealthy relationships because we tend to engage in the same patterns of behavior over and over again. 

Know what not to do 

This kind of "support" is more like "enabling," which is bad for any relationship. 

Be aware 

I liked this person very much, but he was incredibly insecure, always wanting approval from others, easily angered, paralyzed by worry, and frequently jobless. I cared for him, yet it hurt so much. 


Only you can manage your own actions; only you can cross the finish line of that marathon; you have no influence over anyone else. 

Letting go 

A person who has left a terrible circumstance may seem sorrowful, even devastated, but they will also feel strong for having made it out alive. 

Strong you are 

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