Simple ways to relieve nose congestion

A humidifier or cool-mist vaporizer in your home or office can reduce nasal congestion, says Stringer. He says humid air soothes nasal tissues, reduces sinus inflammation, and thins mucus to drain.

Stringer says neti pot nasal irrigation loosens thick mucus and removes irritants, allergens, and germs.

If you have a cold, shower to feel better. The Mayo Clinic says steam drains mucus, reducing sinus pain and pressure. Just temporarily, this can help you breathe.

Vitamin C for colds: congestion relief? Vitamin C shortens and mildens colds, but it does not affect congestion, Stringer notes.

For sinus and congestion headaches, apply a warm compress to your nose and forehead. Mayo Clinic says this reduces nasal inflammation, pressure, and discomfort.

Drinking plenty of (nonalcoholic) fluids and staying hydrated will thin nasal mucus, making congested sinuses easier to drain, the Mayo Clinic says.

As anyone with stuffy sinuses knows, nighttime congestion is worse. Gravity causes mucus to pool instead of drain when you lie flat.

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