Simplest Yoga poses for a gorgeous back 

Water pots boil. Deep breathing from a hot water cup may help sinuses and headaches.

Traditional forward bend relaxes. This pose relieves back and sciatica pain. This strengthens and balances.

Classic standing may relieve back, sciatica, and neck pain. You can strengthen shoulders, chest, and legs and stretch spine, hips, and groyne. Stress and anxiety may decrease.

This gentle backbend helps your spine and buttocks. Chest, shoulders, and abdomen stretch. Stress reduction is possible.

Backbend gently stretches chest, shoulders, and abdomen. Back strengthening and sciatica relief are benefits of this pose. This may reduce back pain fatigue and stress.

Easy backbends may relieve lower back pain and fatigue. Strengthens legs, arms, and back.

An inversion and backbend can relax or stimulate. This spine stretch may help headaches and backaches.

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