The 5 Most Adventurous Zodiac Signs

Sagittarians, the resident daredevils of the zodiac, despise routine more than anything else. They take risks and dive headfirst into unfamiliar situations because they want to experience new things.


Aquarians embrace change, even if they are not adventurers. Their eagerness to stick out and follow novel experiences accidentally makes them the herd's idol.


This earth sign wants to travel—if they can find the time. They love new places and experiences, but they won't cheat on their five-year plan because it could deprive them of life's opportunities.


Libras dislike sudden change because they require harmony and equilibrium. They rarely change their life, but when they do, they go all in.


The nurturing crab doesn't hunger for adventure. Due to the moon and its ties to genealogy and familial roots, it finds tranquility by remaining home and cuddling on the couch with family.


Taureans crave stability and security as earth signs. Nothing scares them more than the unknown beyond their carefully built comfort zone.


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