The 5 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs 

Artful manipulation. Whatever you call it, manipulating others without their knowledge takes great skill. We often do what our manipulator wants even when we know we're being exploited. Each of us has this gift, but not everyone excels. Master manipulators include zodiac signs.

Scorpion topping the most manipulative zodiac signs list isn't surprising. Anyone who has known a Scorpion well knows their superb manipulating techniques. The star sign distrusts and criticizes others quickly. 


Leo is the smartest manipulator. They want only wonderful things to happen to them. They are jealous zodiacs because they need attention and recognition. To win every time, they manipulate their buddies without hesitation. The fire sign has several alteration techniques. 


Overly narcissistic Aries. They feel they will get everything they want due to a deity complex. What they want—a new partner, a promotion, or an expensive vacation—is irrelevant. They'll obtain it by any means. Being pushy doesn't bother Aries.


Geminis are sociable. Have you considered how they can make friends with anyone? They generally do it because they can manipulate people into liking them. Seems strange? You bet. Geminis use their personality closet to impress others.


Playing the victim card is Cancerians' specialty. They are naturally emotional and sensitive, yet they have mastered using these feelings. A tiny inconvenience will make the star sign appear so broken that no one will dare rebuke them again.


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