The Best Engagement Ring Style for Every Zodiac Sign

Diamonds reach Earth after a million years. They receive special energy from the universe during that million-year voyage, like astrological DNA, which is predetermined in the stars. Therefore, the diamond cut should match the zodiac sign to make the stone and wearer sparkle.

Princess cut engagement rings appeal to Aries because they want the best. The reason? Because most diamonds are lost during cutting, this shape and size will show they got a high-end piece.


We understand that this Venusian beauty prefers more. An emerald cut engagement ring is modest but perfect for Taurus. This shape exudes refinement, elegance, and taste and stacks well with other rings.


Gemini can swiftly communicate their personal lives without speaking or DTR with a cushion cut diamond engagement ring with a pave band. This sparkler lets everyone know where the twin star is before asking about their love life, which they loathe.


Cancer is emotional since the Moon rules them. Use that lunar sentimentality to fall in love with an oval engagement ring. The round diamond will make the crab feel important and visible to their fiancé.


Leo's over-the-top personality suits big, bright, and flamboyant style. Lions will be satisfied with a colored diamond or gem if they can't buy their dream ring because it will get them noticed.


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