The best zodiac lovers in a relationship, ranked 


With "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it," Ariana Grande could have been singing to her Leo audience. Leo is persistent and eager to work hard to win someone over with extravagant demonstrations of love. 


Aries also doesn't back down from a battle. As a thrill-seeker, an Aries may arrive at your door at midnight with movie tickets or suddenly take you on a romantic excursion between work weeks. 


As the zodiac's hopeless romantics, Pisces leads the pack. Their delicate outlook on life and strong emotional awareness mean they show their affection in every way. 


Looking to be swept off your feet? Find a Gemini. Life with a Gemini is unpredictable due to their dual personality. Expect long, tender gazes and a difficult night in the boudoir. 


Because Sagittarius likes to go with the flow, get ready for a fun ride. They won't be happy with a boring routine, and their desire to try new things will keep you on your toes and make sure the relationship never gets dull.


They can take you away in an intense whirlwind of love if you are ready to let go of control. Scorpios don't like to talk about "the one that got away." Once they have their eye on someone, they go all out to get them.

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