These 3 Stretches to Ease Lower Back Pain 

This classic yoga pose gently stretches your gluteus maximus, lats, and spinal extensors. It eases spine, neck, and shoulder pain.

Place a rolled-up towel on top or under your thighs for extra support.

This stretch relaxes hips, thighs, and glutes and enhances relaxation.

A cushion under your head adds comfort. Alternatively, wrap a towel around your leg if your arms are limited.

This stretch targets your deep buttocks piriformis muscle. Stretching this muscle may relieve buttock and lower back pain.

Keep your bottom foot on the floor for a more comfortable stretch. Use a cushion to support your head.

This traditional twist stretches hips, glutes, and back. It stretches your abs, shoulders, and neck and increases spine mobility. Pressure from this stretch stimulates internal organs.

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