Top 5 Sensitive Zodiac Signs 

The world can be twisted and terrible. Most of us are so used to masking our emotions that meeting someone emotional concerns us. Being defensive is simpler than being vulnerable. Not everyone follows this theory. 

Cancers like to appear disinterested. They appear calm while being the most sensitive and emotional zodiac signs. You can tell this water sign is a large mushy ball if you're close. The world's inequities and cruelty often overwhelm them.


Dreamy Pisces. They hate reality and live in their fantasy world. Because then they only see people's suffering. Water signs love their loved ones and do their best to protect them. Pisces generally give all their love and attention to others and forget to take care of themselves.


Libras are gregarious because they want everyone to be happy, not just because they appreciate company. They are pure-hearted and take time to get to know others to console them. Libra wants nothing but equal treatment.


Virgos are sensitive but hide it. They are naturally pessimistic. And are more prone to perceive negativity in most individuals and locations. The star sign also sees their flaws, thus most don't like themselves.


Scorpios are naturally intense. They feel more deeply. They fall in love quickly and want to show it. Scorpios cannot accept a less dedicated partner since they offer their all. 


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