Top 8+ Belly fat reduce Exercise for Male

Work as many muscles as possible to lose gut. The burpee does. The explosive push-up, jump, and push-up exercise works every muscle in the body.

Consider the mountain climber a moving plank. Explosively drawing one knee into your chest is a mini crunch.

The kettlebell swing may be the most calorie-burning exercise ever. To propel the heavy ball of iron, engage glutes, hips, and quads, which burn fat.

Short, sharp cardio sessions are best for losing weight around the midsection or elsewhere. Instead of 5ks, try HIIT. 

Skaters are great at burning belly fat, but they also improve agility, strength, power, and fitness.

Any body-fat burning workout should include this plyometric exercise, which torch calories.

Squat jumps, another calorie-burning plyo movement, are the foundation for most explosive lower body movements.

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