Which Avenger does your Zodiac Sign make you

Our favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe saw its biggest change recently. Looking at our favorite superheroes, we know the Avengers wouldn't be as great without distinct personalities. The contrast between their strengths and weaknesses bonds them. 

Aries are fire signs and skilled with electronics, making them an ideal fit for Iron Man. Sarcasm and intelligence are two of his most notable traits, which make him stand out in the Avengers squad. Everyone knows Iron Man's clever humor and outstanding personality.


Like Ant-Man, they're fun and joyful. Gemini kids are loved and curious. A Gemini spy seeks happiness's bug. Due to Ant Man's reputation for irreverence, we're comparing Geminis to it.


Cancerians, like Doctor Stephen Strange, stumble in emotions, but they know how to use their strength for good, just like Doctor Strange did.


Because they strive for greatness, Leos struggle with minor steps. At times, their hubris causes problems. However, like Thor, their command is unquestionable. Leos are energetic and easily achieve success.


Libras, like Black Panther, represent diplomacy and social harmony. They see the sunny side of life. Justice is their preference, not violence. Libras are like Black Panther, an Avenger who puts others first.


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