Zodiac-Signed Girlfriends Ranked Gross to Nice

Aries' enthusiasm is her best feature. Too much intensity in a relationship kills the pleasant mood with an Aries lady, therefore it may go through hard patches. Dragon-like Aries woman. Bowing to their strength and soul makes you safe and loved.


Taurus women are often criticized for not being romantic. Never believe it. She may sound cold and grumpy. She's a woman of her own beats; you just need to prove your value.


Gemini girlfriends are optimistic and free-spirited. Geminis are Air signs, so her easygoing nature makes sense. She chats a lot. Your entire behavior is accepted by her. Love, feelings, devotion, and caring are her top priorities.


She's secretive. Once you win her heart, she'll lavish you with love and care. Cancerians are socially reserved. Date a Cancerian woman and consider yourself lucky.


Though fierce, you'd find a soulmate. Leo girlfriends speak. She would do anything to keep her commitments. Leos form charming romantic lines around you, so you'll never miss the magic.


She is free-spirited under a pleasant sweet tone. Relationships with Libra women are always successful. She always balanced everything in your life. She often complimented your love life with sweet surprises.


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